App Updates: 3.2.1

Hello dear users,

Now the application is more or less coming to its final form, so I'm focusing on fixing the found problems.

  1. Fixed the bug related to shortcut on a single file from the document storage. There were problems with the Try function, if you change it through History, or save and use it in Collections. Also, sometimes this shortcut simply did not work at all.

  2. Fixed a bug in the UI for tablets. Sometimes it was impossible to select an external icon for a shortcut.

  3. There are big changes while generating the list of all applications on the app shortcut page. Previously, the engine immediately began to fill the list, but the loading was long and "ate" much memory. On some devices with a lot of applications, it even crashed the program due to low memory. Now the generating is optimized, although at the beginning you have to wait a bit, but in general the generating is much faster.

  4. Fixed some of the top crashes in the app.

  5. Compatibility libraries were migrated to AndroidX. From the user's point of view, nothing should be changed. AndroidX is a more modern and supported version of the compatibility libraries.

  6. Target SDK has been changed to Android SDK 29. All modern apps must meet this requirement, otherwise they cannot be released to the store. According to Google, applications should not use direct file paths. In Android 10 (SDK 29) this limitation can still be temporarily bypassed, but this is rather the last warning, since in Android 11 (SDK 30) this is already a strict requirement. Therefore, the ability to create shortcuts on files and folders from the file system was removed. However, you can still use document storage, where you can find any required file or folder.

  7. Shortcut Proxy is enabled by default now. In many cases, this avoids various problems in the launchers. However, you can still turn it off in the app settings.


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