App badge on shortcuts - another fail.

Hi guys,

If you use Shortcut Creator then may know about general problem which exist starting Android 8. I mean that the system automatically add app badge on new shortcuts.
Actually many people ask any solution for this problem. Even some people especially buy Pro mode only for remove this badge.

I tried to ask any suggestions on stackoverflow, but without any success.
This issue happens because starting Android 8 the app should use new interface while creating shortcuts and the system automatically add the app badge to the shortcut icon. This is like "feature" which everybody hates.

Currently only one workaround is use add shortcut from Widgets - you can check this video. Please note that Transmutation feature has been renamed to History.

But together with some people I had another idea - make the app icon fully transparent, this should resolve the issue. May be this should be not Shortcut Creator main icon, but icon from ShortcutExecutors for example, but these are details and main idea looked good. 

I worked on these recently and can say that this idea does not work. The main reason - it is not possible to make the icon fully transparent.

If you on Android 8 then there is another "feature" - adaptive icons. If you app don't support this feature then the system transformed you icon for the system and if you provide fully transparent icon then the system make the white background and instead of app badge you will have opaque white element on the icons.
Another way - you app supports adaptive icons and said that it has transparent background, this looks tricky and should work, but it doesn't. Because in the system implementation of adaptive icons while draw this element the system for some reason at first fill background by black color.
Actually the only existing way is to setup your app API target lower that Android 8 (SDK 26)  and doesn't use adaptive icons. In this case the system doesn't create adaptive icon for you. But currently you could not upload your app on Google Play Store if your target API level bellow 26 😒