App updates: 1.0.1

When the program was published it supports the AdMob advertising, the user can switch off it via buying Pro mode.
However, due to the low number of users and utility orientation of the program, I decided to disable ads due to lack of profit at this stage. This will raise the attractiveness of the program and will significantly reduce its size.
Besides advertising in my opinion is more valid in the games, I do not notice ads in utilities that I use, and of course  do not click on banners.

Archive app size with ads support ~ 2.5 Mb, without this support ~ 0.5 Mb without losing other functionality. I do not know how much the AdMob module take. But its base has dependency on the support library v4, which in general is not  lightweight. Perhaps the size will not increase so much, if the program is used the support library. But I'm plan this only, and may this will be a fork for devices with Android 8-12 versions. 


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