App updates: 1.1.0

Shortcut on folders

Actually Android doesn't have any standard action for show content of some particular folder on the local file-system. Some file managers allow this, but some not. Also action for open folder content can be different for different file managers.

To provide this possibility to the users I created new page on which shortcut on a folder can be configured. You can open if via Shortcut on File - in internal file browser new button has been added for folder layout cell. You still go into a folder or select it via touch on this button.

On the new page you can configure the shortcut (image, name) and select the application in which the folder can be opened. In any case you can use 'internal viewer' to open the folder content in small internal browser which allows simple open some file. Also if some file managers are installed on your device and support one of predefined actions for open folder content then you will see theirs in the list. I added also links with some file manages which support the action.