App updates: 2.0.0

The major version number has been changed because there are many changes, improvements and new features.

Integration of external themes

The main new feature is parsing and using of external themes. This are not themes for the app, but themes of some popular launchers like ADW, Apex, Nova, etc. The main advantage is existing of many such free themes on Google Play. You can import an icon for a shortcut from a theme (this requires Pro but you can test this feature before the buying). Also you can see wallpapers in a theme and setup one of them as the main wallpaper. For this action one of possible standard action is used - so Shortcut Creator doesn’t require new special permissions and some launcher can implement this action for better adaptation of the wallpaper.

Slide main menu

Instead of grid of supported shortcut now special main menu is used. The user can in any place of the app open the main menu via slide gesture on left edge of the page. New icons tools have been put to the main menu in additional to shortcuts tools.

New Settings Shortcut

New shortcut tool has been added which allows you to create shortcuts on some settings page. This tool included 3 different groups.
In first group you can create shortcuts on some standard settings actions which are supported in particular device. Some of these actions are handled not by standard settings app, but by separate components of the system (and you may not know that these components are exist on your device).
In second group you can select app on the device for open settings page for it. This can be useful if you need this page frequently, for example for clearing the cache or removing the data of the app.
Third group includes activities in standard settings app. You can find many interesting in this group, and you can play with this, but not all of these functionality works correctly since you start-up an activity directly without providing all required parameters and context.

UI updates

In addition of using main menu I added floating action button/menu template for adding collections, icons, themes and while crop an icon. The UI has been reworked take into account Google guidelines and list have obtained new cool separators. New image set has been added for great look on devices with low and medium density.

Small changes

Special checking and handling has been added for take into account new permission architecture on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is used for obtain correct access to local files system and the contacts.
New ability for create new icon in a collection - you can import image from gallery and crop it.
Icon size for shortcuts has been tweaked (with take into account a way for import from apps). This is more important for tablet devices with medium density because the system can use high density image set for home shortcuts, without knowing this the shortcuts icon can look rough.

Bug fixing

This is infinity process of fixing founded bugs and errors...