App updates: 2.6.0

Hi guys,

In 2.6.0 update I added handling of app Activities and new Settings for select between Light and Dark theme. Also File browser dialog obtained 3 different themes

About app activities.

Now app list contains all applications (even which could not be started via Launcher) which have "public" activities. "Public" means exported - only these activities can be started without system level by third party apps.
In the list at first you can see normal apps which can be started via Launcher, then there are apps without main activities.
After you select an app you can see new App Activity section which show currently selected activity. You can change it via tap/see all activities list and select something in it. There is also an ability to see the app manifest and the activity intent filters list.
Actually I tried also make additional selection of action generated from obtain intent filters list, but from experiments I found that this is not very useful.