App updates : 3.0.0

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There is new 3.0.0 update witch includes big feature with the name "Collections".
Actually this is a special database in which you can organize your shortcuts. For obtain quick access to the saved shortcuts the users can create special dialogs which represent different sets from the database.
Appearance of these dialogs (together with internal file browser) is now controlled by new layout system which can be configured by the user.
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"Collections" database. 

Now while shortcut creation you can select add the new shortcut to the Launcher (on the main screen) or to Collections. The Launcher direction is the same flow for creating and add shortcuts on the main screen. As always you can find the new created shortcut in History list and then add this shortcut to Collections from History.

If you select adding to Collection then the app will show special dialog for provide description and tags list for new Collection item. 
By default you will add new item to "Root Collection" which is starting point for all items, but in Collection editor you can create other sub-collections (or even create complex sub-collections hierarchy with non-limited deep level). So while adding new item you can select any existing collection as the parent item.  

After adding new item you can find it on Collections page. Actually for each item we keep its name, description, tag list, update time and list of execution times. Update time is changed if the user changes the item in the database. We add new time to execution list each time if the user execute shortcut stored in the database. 
On Collections page you can see stored items organized in hierarchy, open selected sub-collection and return back on a parent level,  but actually the database supports other samples: update time, execute time, execute count and tags sample.     
These samples show items from all database limited by 100 items and take into account current sort mode. Tags sample allow you to setup tags which should be in items in the list. There are 2 different sets: or tags - the items should have at least one tag from the list; and tags - the items should have all tags from the list.

 Add button at the bottom allows you to create new collection (current collection will be parent for the new), import items in the database and create shortcut on the current collection - this shortcut actually opens special dialog for quick access to the stored items in the database. For new collection you can provide icon, name, description and tags list.

If you perform long tap on some item then the page will be switched to multi-selection mode and you can perform additional actions under the items.
You can edit selected collection, move/copy/delete items and also export the selected items in the zip archive. Later you can import these items back from the archive (or do this on another device).

Lets check shortcut on collection flow. After you tap on "Shortcut on collection" add button you can see following page:
This page for configure new shortcut, by default the app copy name and shortcut icon for the new shortcut, but you can change it. Also current sample has been copied and also can be configured. Another option is layout and new shortcut will use layout preferences from the settings, on this page you can also configure these preferences, but in this case these preferences will be applied only for this shortcut. There is addition option "Close on select" - if this option is disabled then you can execute many shortcuts from the dialog and it will not be closed automatically, i.e. you should close the dialog manually.

On following picture you can see different types of the collection dialogs:

The appearance of the dialog is controlled by the layout preferences and can be changed on the fly if you perform long tap on the dialog title. In additional there is special preferences for change item view type and size. 

New dialog layout preferences

Now for internal file browser dialog and all collection dialogs new layout system is used. If you go to the settings then you can find two options for setup the preferences for file browser and for collections. These are "File Viewer Layout" and "Collection Viewer Layout". File Viewer Layout options will be applied for internal file browser dialog which the app shows while open shortcut on a folder. These options affects all shortcuts and they can be changed on the fly if you perform long tap on the dialog title. 
For collection dialogs the situation is the different and the option from the settings will affect only default layout (if you did n't provide custom layout while the shortcut creation). Also if you change the layout via long tap on the dialog title then this affects only current dialog. 

Lets check the layout configuration page. 

There are 4 options which can be applied to the layout.
If you select 'Default layout' then the size and the position of the dialog is controller by the system which in this case creates the dialog in the center of the screen with some predefined size. If this option is not selected then you should setup the dialog size and position manually via selecting other options, gravity values and resizing the dialog frame.
If 'Dialog frame' is selected then the dialog can have 3 different themes:

  • Dark Glassy
  • Dark
  • Light
Each theme setups background and foreground and also special dialog frame. If you disable this option then you can manually setup background color for the dialog (with transparency) and foreground color of the dialog elements. For help while select background/foreground colors the color picker show contrast value between selected background and foreground colors.
'Proportional layout' option affects only custom size/position in the case if you change the orientation - in this case the system recalculate the dialog size/position for save proportion between the screen size and new dialog size/position.
'Orientation dependence' is opposite option which allow the user setup different size/position for each orientation.
If you press on 'Resize' button you can see following picture:
For change the frame position and size you can tap and hold under each of 4 borders and move these border to the required position.       




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