App updates: 1.0.2

Filters to apps and contact lists.

The list of applications and contacts can be very large. For easier search the new ability to filter these lists has been added.
To activate, just enter the desired part of the name into a new element with search icon on top of the contact or application lists. 

Link to the App Community.

New option has been added to the more menu. It will take you to the app community page, where you can share new ideas and discuss any issues or questions.

Share with your friends.

You can quickly generate a short message about the app and share with your friends via email or social networks. Search new ability in the Settings. 

Changes in crop image functionality.

Now the crop border may go beyond the original image - in this case the area outside the borders will be transparent. This can be useful if the real crop is not required, but you wish to use the whole original image as an icon.