App Updates : 3.1.0

Hi guys,

After a long delay I finished series of some features and improvements in the app.
These changes are included: improvements in internal file browser, new "composite folders" feature, support of static app shortcuts and ability to use mode switcher for start-up some app together with changes in available settings.

Improvements in internal file browser

There are changes in representation of file items in the app and in folder shortcut internal viewer.
Now you can see the size and last modification date for files and some extra info about folders.
Also you can change the sort mode, show/hide hidden files and view thumbnails of some files:

Currently the app tries to extract thumbnails for files in common image formats (jpg, png, bmp, gif, webm), video formats (avi, 3gp, mp4, webm, mkv, mov) and some documents/books formats (pdf, epub, fb2). Now while creating shortcuts on a file the app can allow you to use image from the file for all of these formats, later only image files were supported. 

There are also significant improvements in the dialog used for show shortcut on folders. In additional to change sort options now you can change item representation in similar way as in collections dialog: 
You can select and execute basic actions on elements, like create new folder, share, rename and delete items:
Also now you can quickly create shortcut on selected item. 

Composite folders

This is a new feature which allows you to combine filtered content of different folders in one virtual object and show this content in internal file browser like for normal folder. You can edit composite folders in the app and create a shortcut on theirs. Later any changes in composite folder settings also affect the shortcut behavior.

You can combine folders from normal file system or use Storage Access Framework for get write access to SD card. These sources can be mixed in one composite folder. You can handle the provided folders together with child subfolders (recursively) and apply complex filter take into account name, size and modification date of the files.

The filter possibilities are very flexible, you can even use regular expressions for file names. 

Support of static app shortcuts

One user asked me to create similar shortcut as static shortcut provided by some app but with changed icon/name. This change is intended to solve this task. Actually apps can provide static or dynamic list of shortcuts to the system. Static shortcuts are described in the app manifest and dynamic shortcuts are created while work of the app. 
Launcher can show these options to the user for create new shortcut especially for execute specific action in the app. This flow works only starting from Android 7.1, but description of static shortcuts are available on older version. Unfortunately actions in static shortcuts can be not public, current Launcher still can execute these actions via using system service, but Shortcut Creator could not simulate shortcut on this action.

You can find ability to select available static shortcut while create shortcut on application.

If selected app or selected activity of the app is not supported static shortcuts then this UI will be hidden.

Start-up app in mode switcher

This is also a request from one user. Mode switcher allows to change different settings at once. So it will be good to also start-up some app and configure settings especially for this app.  So now while configure actions for the mode in mode switcher feature you can select "Start App" action and then select the required application for start. This change also requires 1.0.2 version of ShortcutExecutors plugin.


  1. Checking out now will let everyone know how things are and if it helps looking forward. Tried alot

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